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LRS Weapon Vaults on US Air Force Bases can store thousands of rifles and pistols for mobility. Weapons stored in LRS vaults are stored for long term storage and then pulled for bi-annual inventories and for deployments.

Storing thousands of rifles requires a tremendous amount of floor space, something fixed weapon racks with aisles between each row requires.

LRS Weapon Vaults with large weapon inventories are best suited to store weapons in Mobile Weapon Rack Systems to condense the amount of floor space required to store weapons.


LRS Weapon Vaults – Mobile Weapon Racks

Mobile carriage systems are great for LRS Weapon Vaults. Potentially storing thousands of weapons, weapon racks installed on top of mobile carriages reduce the footprint fixed weapon racks take inside of your weapon vault.

Mobile carriage system dimensions are determined by the space available in your arms room and the number of weapon racks required to store your weapon density list and gear.

Logistics Readiness Squadron Weapon Storage

Logistics Readiness Squadron’s control distribution and materiel management to contingency and distribution to airmen globally. Included in that scope is a large weapon vault with weapons coming and going to support the warfighter.

For the most part, storage of weapons in a Logistics Readiness Squadron weapon vault is long term storage. Storing the weapons in a manner where they can be stored and retrieved quickly as well as inventoried efficiently helps the efficiency of the weapons custodian to supply his customers

Designing a weapon vault with enough storage capacity to handle the weapon density of a LRS Squadron requires the dimensions of your vault and weapon density list so we can determine how many weapon racks are required to store your weapons and put together a floor plan showing the weapon rack layout.

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