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Open Weapon Racks

This post details Open Weapon Racks, utilizing secure controlled space that does not require a lock once inside of the arms room.

Open Weapon Racks are available as stand-alone fixed shelving or also on high density weapon storage systems.

Open Weapon Racks are specified for arms rooms that do not require a lock once inside of the armory or are installed in security cages that have controlled access.

Open Weapon Racks can also be installed on top of mobile carriages that can collapse and lock down the entire weapon storage system.

Constructed with uprights, cross bars and welded reinforced back panels, Combat Weapon Shelving features the same fully slotted back panels as Combat Weapon Racks, allowing for a fully modular armory storage system.

Whether it is storing rifles vertically, pistols or gear, Open Weapon Racks have the capability to store all weapon

Open Weapon Racks are used in both military and law enforcement arms rooms to store weapons and gear. Armory storage, property & evidence storage, high density mobile carriages, security cages, stationary weapon shelving and double sided weapon shelving are the most common applications for Combat Weapon Shelving.

Secure Armory Storage Shelving

Duty weapon storage is consistently a grab and go environment, allowing officers in police and sheriff’s departments to grab weapons as needed with a custodian allowing access to the armory.

Evidence storage in Property Rooms has controlled access restricting who can enter the space. This is the perfect atmosphere for Open Weapon Racks that can store rifles vertically, pistols on pegs or boxed weapons if needed.

High Density Mobile Carriages collapse aisles that would otherwise be fixed with stationary shelving, allowing for more storage. Placing Open Weapon Racks on mobile carriage systems allow for the entire system to be collapsed and lock down as a unit, securing weapons and gear inside.

Security cages provide an extra layer of protection between a room and materials. Installing open weapon storage inside of a security cage controls the space by reducing access to weapons and gear.

Fixed weapon shelving is frequently lined around the perimeter of rooms, sometimes with wall mountable weapon panels. This layout gives an armorer a direct line of sight for everything being stored in the armory.

Double sided weapon shelving creates aisles that are fixed with rows of shelving coming off the wall. A great example of this layout is what you find in the supermarket or a library with fixed rows of double sided shelving. This application stores a large quantity of weapons with weapons on both sides of the shelving.

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