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School Resource Officer Weapon Storage requires secure weapon racks that can accept many different weapon types and lock securely.

Storage of firearms in schools is a sensitive topic. Securely storing school resource officer weapon storage weapons means being able to anchor the weapon rack to the facility and providing multiple locking points.

Combat Weapon Racks come standard with 8 internal lock rods and a pad-lock hasp with an option for 2 pad-lock hasps if needed.

The ability to mix and match carbine, rifle and pistol storage with gear gives SROs the flexibility to store vertical weapons, pistols and gear together in the same weapon rack.

Featuring a fully slotted back panel with 1″ vertical adjustments for barrel saddles, Combat Weapon Racks allow for various height weapons to be stored side by side independently.

  • Securely store School Resource Officer Weapons.
  • Fixed Weapon Racks available at multiple heights, widths & depths
  • Utilize a mixture of storage shelves inside the racks to store associated gear with weapons.
  • Attach weapon racks to the facility with anchors to prevent removal.
  • Fully Welded Combat Weapon Rack securely store School Resource Officer Weapons
  • Adjustable barrel saddles allow for various weapon heights to be stored
  • Available with perforated or solid doors

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or calling 800-699-1191 to request more information.

School Resource Officer Weapon Storage - Full Panel Doors
School Officer Weapon Rack - Secure Weapon Storage

Combat Weapon Storage Systems have been designed in company arms rooms, portable arms rooms, joint armories & special forces armories for all branches of military.


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