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Store Optics Attached to Weapons

This post details Store Optics Attached to Weapons inside of Combat Weapon Racks when designing an armory.

Store Optics Attached to Weapons in Combat Weapon Racks

Storing optics attached to weapons is still a fairly new concept in weapon racks. After decades with M12 Small Arms racks and other metal cages that either didn’t fully support or secure optics, fully enclosed weapon racks like Combat Weapon Racks allow armorers to store weapons with optics attached in weapon racks.

Storing optics attached to weapons is important for a multitude of reasons. First, getting optics zero’d for individual war fighters takes a great deal of time. Being forced to remove optics that are zero’d for storage reasons every time a weapon needs to come back into the arms room takes time for the optic removal, reattachment and zeroing as well as finding additional storage space for a now detached optic.

With the optic safely and securely attached to the stored weapon, no additional time or space is needed to store detachments from the weapon when you use Combat Weapon Racks.

Weapons Double-Spaced to
Accommodate Side-Mounted Optics


With top and bottom mounted optics, no additional storage space is required inside of weapon racks to support attached stored optics. The offset from our individually adjustable barrel saddles allows for optics on both the top and bottom to be stored attached.

With the buttstocks secured on both ends using adjustable weapon holders, rifles can be stored with the carry handle or top facing the doors or facing the rear of the weapon rack.

Weapons with optics mounted to the side of the rail or barrel will require the weapons to be double spaced to account for the growth of optics. This is the same spacing using to store weapons with flared bi-pods such as M-240s, M-249s and other weapon systems.

Types of Optics

Storing the optics attached to the weapons helps speed up issuing of weapons, sight counts and inventory of the arms room.

  • AN PVS-14
  • M68 – CCO
  • ACOG
  • EOTech
  • Leupold Mark 4
  • Scmidt & Bender PMII

While they are not always stored attached, M203s and M320s can also be stored attached to rifles with no additional space requirements.

Combat 44″ Weapon Rack
Optics Attached to Weapons

Combat 85″ Weapon Rack
Optics Attached to Weapons

Combat Open Weapon Cart
Optics Attached to Weapons

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