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Law Enforcement Weapon Storage for LEO agencies include Combat Weapon Racks, Combat Weapon Shelving, Combat Armory Workbenches, Combat Weapon Carts as well as mobile weapon storage systems, weapon tracking software and shelving storage systems.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems provide cost effective, fully modular weapon storage solutions for duty weapon storage, evidence room storage, forensic firearm storage, jail and prison storage, range storage and security cages for additional security requirements.

Law Enforcement Agencies face limited public funding and severe space challenges for storage systems as police departments outgrow buildings and department needs swell. Arms rooms in law enforcement agencies are in controlled access locations. In these circumstances, Combat Weapon Shelving and Combat Weapon Panels provide the most cost effective solution with an open weapon storage system. By either lining the perimeter of the walls or creating rows with double sided shelving, weapon storage capacity can be achieved with simple arms room layouts.

Armories that require an weapons to be locked down in addition to controlled room access are configured with Combat Weapon Racks or Combat Gear Lockers for individual weapon and gear storage needs. Combat Weapon Racks secure weapons and gear utilizing customer supplied pad-locks and internal lock-rods that engage the channeled frame of the cabinet.

Sometimes rooms are crammed with too much stuff and  fixed or static shelving and weapon racks do not provide the storage capacity necessary to store everything within the room. Mobile Storage Systems are the answer to increase storage capacity in with collapsible aisle spaces increasing the storage density of your floor space.

There are many models and variants of weapons available to law enforcement agencies. Optics can be stored attached to your rifles. Rifle buttstocks are secured with weapon holders at the front and back of the buttstock, preventing lateral movement of the weapon while being stored.

Rifles with lights or optics attached to the side are double spaced to accommodate those side mounted attachments.

With a litany of configuration and accessory options. full and partial width adjustable steel shelves, pistol pegs, taser cradles and other ancillary storage components compliment your law enforcement weapon storage needs to find a place to store all of your sensitive serialized gear inside the armory.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems have been designed in
Police & Sheriff’s Departments,
Correctional Facilities & Prisons
as well as Law Enforcement Agencies across the country.



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