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Portable Arms Rooms have been a very popular purchase for military units given the ease of adding a new building without having to go through a formal MILCON process. Purchasing a Portable Armory allows units to quickly get a new arms room up and operational.

Portable Armory Weapon Racks are available as both stationary and mobile weapon rack systems. Fixed Weapon Racks require aisles between cabinets whereas Mobile Weapon Racks require special attention to detail for installation on wood floor.

Combat Weapon Storage has designed and installed weapon rack systems inside of Portable Arms Rooms across the globe.


Portable Arms Rooms – Mobile Weapon Racks

Portable Arms Rooms are 1/4″ steel plated buildings with a thin layer of wood flooring on the interior.

Mobile Storage Systems track gets anchored to the floor, leveled and grouted to create a level track system. This ensures that carriages roll level from side to side with a clean installation.

Mobile Storage Systems in Portable Arms Rooms will max out the storage density in your space, reducing fixed aisles for more weapon storage.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems has designed, been awarded and installed many Portable Armory Mobile Weapon Rack Systems across the globe.

Portable Armory Weapon Rack National Stock Numbers

Portable Arms Rooms are easily purchased with an IDIQ contract from the building manufacturer. To outfit your room – we will need your weapon density list or (MTOE) and the dimensions of the armory, so we can determine how many weapon racks are required to store your weapons and put together a floor plan showing the weapon rack layout.

Purchasing Weapon Racks with National Stock Numbers keeps your purchase through the supply system and guarantees you get a rack that is pre-approved for use in your armory.

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Combat Weapon Storage Systems have designed armories for all branches of military.
Let us help you build, organize and expand your arms room to be ready for action.


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