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Our Weapon Storage Cages is used to secure space within armories. Sensitive items stored inside of both military and law enforcement agencies require an additional layer of security to partition off rooms. By enclosing these spaces with armory cages, units are able to fully secure gear and weapons in shared space.

    • Storage Cages can be floor to ceiling in height
    • They can include top ceiling panels if they are not going floor to ceiling
    • Cages can be 2-sided, 3-sided or 4-sided depending on your cage requirements

Combat Weapon Storage Cages are available with either hinged doors and sliding doors. Doors can be secured by pad-lock, key-lock or integrating with your security system with HID cards or a combination of all 3.

Shelving storage for mounts, tripods, NVGs, Pelican cases and other storage needs can be installed inside of cages providing secure general storage in addition to the storage provided by weapon racks.

Weapon Storage Cages

Combat Cages can be designed using 10 gauge or 6 gauge welded wire material. Woven wire material can also be used to secure the cage.

The difference in materials is how they are manufactured:

    • Woven Wire material crisscross wire over other pieces of wire in a diamond patter and then is spot welded to the frame.
    • Welded Wire material is spot welded every time a piece of wire crosses over another piece of wire and is also spot welded to the frame.

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