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Buy Weapon Racks

There are multiple ways to procure Combat Weapon Storage products and services. Going directly to contracting for an RFQ or RFP is not the only option available. Utilizing the varying procurement vehicles available to supply officers, Combat Weapon Storage offers information below on the varying types of methods to buy weapon racks.

Obtaining quotes from vendors can be a tiresome experience for armorers. Many times you have been told to get an equipment upgrade, to replace a legacy weapon rack system or your inventory of weapons doesn’t fit with your existing racks. Whatever the current status of your arms room, looking at vendors and product solutions can be a daunting task.

We get asked questions all the time that are essential for how to build an armory:

Once going through these steps and possibly several other, the real concern is how to buy weapon racks that are necessary to store your units weapons and gear properly.

Below we have a list of methods available for Federal agencies as well as state and local law enforcement agencies to purchase product.

  • Woman-Owned Small Business Purchases
  • Open Market Purchases
  • GSA Schedule Purchases
  • NSN Supply System Purchases
  • DLA SOE TLSP Purchases
  • Teaming Agreements
  • 8A Set-Aside Purchases

Every purchase placed directly with our company can be made as a woman-owned small business set-aside through the WOSB program. Purchases can be made via purchase order or with Government Purchase Cards (GPC).

Open Market purchases are defined as non-GSA schedule buys or off contract items. Any materials or services not available on our schedule can be procured as part of a turnkey solution.

Combat Weapon Storage operates under GSA Schedule GS-07F-0661W. Purchases are considered fair and reasonable pricing with conditions set forth by the Federal Acquisition Regulation. 

With 50 assigned National Stock Numbers, Combat Weapon Racks can be acquired with ease through GCSS-A or any other accessible federal supply system.
NSNs are important to units as they can be ordered without having to go through a contracting squadron for procurement. This protects units from long contracting solicitations and protects them from receiving product that fails to meet their physical security requirements for storage of small arms.

Teaming Agreements allow GSA contract holders to pair products from different schedules and offer them together for one project. This helps reduce the number of contracts required to implement more than just weapon racks.
On many of our implementations we are utilizing mobile carriages, storage shelving, security cages, in addition to professional services for on site assembly.

Additional contract set-asides are available for partnering with 8a, HubZone, Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) to help contracting offices meet set-aside requirement goals.

DLA also offers a Tailored Logistics Support Program (TLSP) for Special Operational Equipment (SOE). The Construction and Equipment supply chain has logistics solutions for marine lifesaving and diving equipment, tactical gear, safety equipment, search and rescue equipment, personal protection gear, flight deck and flight crew safety items, and explosive ordnance equipment.

The Special Operational Equipment tailored logistics support program enables customers to order commercial, off the shelf part items within the scope of the contract. Since multiple vendors are solicited for prices, customers benefit from a competitive business model that will ensure best value for the customer.

The DLA TLSP SOE option is a very popular option for units to procure goods and services via MIPR/MILSTRIP with DLA handling the procurement competition, allowing the unit to order exactly what they ask for.

Key points to note about ordering product and services via DLA TLS Programs.

  1. Streamlined acquisition process.
  2. Managed via strict government oversight under an audit ready process with coordination between unit finance office and DLA.
  3. All orders are processed using MILSTRIP requisitions or Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs)

Funding isn’t tied to the transaction until you agree to the final price and send back your MIPR/MILSTRIP, you can submit your order without having any obligation to spend. DLA requires funding within 15 days of award but can extend that time frame if requested.

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