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Weapon Storage Upgrade 

Upgrade your Weapon Storage with Combat Weapon Storage Systems.

The first piece of the puzzle for a Weapon Storage Upgrade is the Armory Site Survey.  This will help to determine the dimensions of the space and to locate any usable space and space that needs to be kept free and clear.

Uniform Building Codes such as minimum aisle clearances, fire sprinkler clearance, front approach clearance for swinging doors, need to be observed inside of arms rooms so units are not written up for unsafe working conditions.

Measuring from wall to wall, corner to corner and floor to ceiling; you will likely have a square or rectangle shaped armory, however not all spaces are the same. These dimensions also do not take into account the many obstacles or obstructions our Armory Design team has to work around such as building columns, doorways, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, issue windows, IDS sensors, power receptacles, floor drains, overhead fire sprinklers, overhead pipes, thermostats, desks and workbenches and any other object in the arms room.

Once the defined usable space of your armory is determined, we can then fill in the storage requirement using your MTOE (weapon density list) to design the armory with standard weapon rack dimensions. Drawing the arms room in AutoCAD, our system designers can design your armory with an armory layout.

Combat Weapon Storage offers 36″ W Weapon Racks & 42″ W Weapon Racks, as well as multiple weapon rack heights:

What this means to you as an armorer is that we do not have a one size fits all solution. We can mix and match weapon rack widths and heights to best optimize your space.

For your Weapon Storage Upgrade – we offer many weapon rack National Stock Numbers.  Most of our weapon racks can be ordered through the federal supply system with GCSS-A, FedLog easily. Contact us for more information.

Fixed or Stationary Weapon Racks are free-standing. They can be configured side to side, back to back, against a wall or in the middle of your arms room. This is the most typical layout for weapon racks in arms rooms when the armory is large enough to store all weapons and gear.

When arms rooms are not large enough to store all weapons and gear, or when you want more workable floor space, Mobile Weapon Rack Systems put weapon racks on mobile carriages, compacting the amount of fixed aisle space to store weapon racks in the arms room.

We provide on-site installation of your weapon storage upgrade, which insures your weapon racks are installed level, with leveling feet and anchor holes to attach the weapon rack to your slab. All Combat Weapon Racks are also pre-punched to bolt side to side and back to back with nuts, bolts and washers. Bolting weapon racks into the wall keeps the weapon racks square after the racks are anchored to the floor.

Available in multiple heights, widths & depths, Combat Weapon Racks have a solution for your space and weapon density list.

By placing weapon racks on top of mobile carriages, we eliminate fixed aisles between static weapon racks which allows for higher storage capacity.

Combat Armory Workbenches allow armorers to work on weapons in the arms room or anywhere the  Workbench is installed.

Weapon Tracking Software provides total control over inventory with chain of custody control, bar code & RFID tracking, search, audit, inventory & the ability to print forms on demand.

Integrating Shelving Storage Systems into your space will increase weapon storage density and provide maximum storage capacity.

Weapon Cages will separate secure materials/areas from non-secure materials/areas of your space.

Armory Design Services from Combat Weapon Storage Systems helps layout your arms rooms with our storage systems drawn out to show what the space will look like when installed.

Our Site Visits include a detailed MTOE (weapon density list) and a reviewing the layout of your armory allows us to know not just how many weapon racks or sections of weapon shelving are required to store everything, they also let us know the size limitations.

Weapon Rack Installation is the last step of setting up your arms room. A good installation ensures that your weapon racks will not have performance issues from being out of level, being written up for not meeting physical security requirements by not anchoring the weapon racks and making sure the arms room is cleared of packaging materials.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems have designed armories for all branches of military.
Let us help you build, organize, expand &/or upgrade your arms room
to be ready for action.


Call, email or fill out our contact form for a free survey of your arms room.

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